Seng Choon Salted Eggs (4 Per Pack)

Salted eggs are made from duck eggs preserved in salt. After being cured in brine, the duck eggs will develop a creamy consistency with a rich salty taste. It is commonly eaten as snacks in the southeast Asian countries.


Health benefits:

• Contains Vitamin A: Keep hair healthy and helps the body to produce new cells

• Contains selenium & iron: Enhances your immunity and hormones production in your thyroid glands

   Note: Consume moderately.

• Contains higher amount of cholesterol than chicken egg

• High sodium content – avoid excessive consumption for people with high blood pressure


Country of Origin





• Wash away the black coating & boil it


Ways to enjoy:

• Served as a perfect side dish with porridge

• Use in baking recipes such as mooncakes and cheese breads

• Incorporate it into your salads

• Boiled

• Steamed (with or without your favourite meat products)



Store in a cool and dry place

Seng Choon Salted Eggs (4 Per Pack)


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