Large Bao Qing Dried Lily Bulb 75g 

  • Also known as: Bai He
  • Introduction: Lily Bulb comes from the root of the Lilium flowering plant family and has a smooth petal-like layer. It has a light sweet taste. Helps with Yin deficiency and heatiness.
  • Benefits: This is a gentle cooling herb that helps to strengthen the lungs. It is used to relieve coughs, dry throats, clears heat, moisten the lung. Rich in protein, starch and Vitamins.


  • How to cook:
    • Gently rinse the lily bulb
    • Boil for 10-20 minutes to soften.
    • Add to dish.
  • Commonly used for cooking desserts, soups, or stir-fried. May be used in sweet or salty/savory dishes.
    • Common Stir fry ingredients:Asparagus, mushrooms, ginger, beef, celery.
  • Keep refrigerated.
  • Packed by Thye Shan Medical Hall 

Suitable for all ages

Premium Large Lily Bulb (Baihe) 75g


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