NYAAMNYAAM Micro-Needling Serum Facial Treatement - Vita Serum

Vita Serum (Suitable for ages 26 - 35)

It contains Vitamin C. Provides vitality and energy for the skin!

A lightweight formula that makes your skin look clear and radiant, designed to even out your skin tone.

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Panthenol (Derivatives of Vitamin B), Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Various Berry Extracts (blueberry, blackberry, raspberry) & Various Ferment Extract


NyaamNyaam™ beauty serums are suitable for all skin types and ages looking to pamper their skin and restore their skin’s natural firmness and a brighter complexion. Our serums are proven to help reduce:

• Acne scars
• Pigmentation and blemishes
• Wrinkles and fine lines
• Enlarged pores
• Uneven skin tone
• Sagging skin
• Dry and sensitive skin
• Other facial signs of aging


Different Serum suits for different age groups!
Each Set included:
- 1 x 99.9% Gold Plated Micro-needle 
- 3 x Serum Cartridge
- 3 x 128 Korea Herbs Mask
- 3 x Alcohol Swab


Each pack can use for how long?

There are 3 tubes in each pack, use 1 tube per treatment every 3 days = 9 days you will complete this pack. Once your skin adapt to this MTS treatmetn, you may use 1 tube every 5 days = 15 days per pack to see full potential of this product!


How fast can I see the result?

It depends on your current skin condition. Most of our customers are able to see result of glowing and even toned skin within 1 pack. DO NOT USE IT WHEN YOU HAVE ACNE OR PIMPLE.

NYAAMNYAAM Micro-Needling Serum Facial Treatement - Vita Serum

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