MeMento Aromatic Non-Alcoholic Distilled Blend

A sophisticated non-alcoholic mixology product that can be used to replace traditional spirits or used in concert to create lower ABV cocktails, MeMento Green Aromatic Non-Alcoholic Distilled Blend Spirit Alternative features a blend of distilled aromatic waters filled with the scents of the Mediterranean.

This 700 ml bottle of Memento Distilled Blend Spirit Alternative is made in Milan, Italy from organic, natural ingredients and no alcohol, sugar or gluten. This vegan product provides a sensory experience similar to alcohol without the intoxication. It works an elegant drink on its own but is ideal mixed simply with tonic or as a versatile base for cocktails.

Memento emerges from a selection of botanicals and herbs with beneficial properties, blended according to ancient traditions. Each ingredient is distilled separately, allowing every single component to maintain its individual identity, before being blended together to form a sophisticated bouquet.

With its freshly intense aroma, the inspiration for MeMento Green comes from Mediterranean aromatic plants characterized by a strong herbaceous fragrance, hence the name Green, which the Master Blender combines in a unique liquid, completely different from the delicately floral tasting profile of the original MeMento.

MeMento Green stems from a careful selection of four ingredients, well known since ancient times for their beneficial properties:

Green Myrtle - Balsamic and regenerating
Melissa - Fresh and citrus
Laurel - Strong and vigorous
Orange Blossom - Bittersweet and balanced




  • Made from organic ingredients
  • Contains no alcohol, sugar, or gluten
  • Memento is a sophisticated vegan product for a multi sensory impact
  • Made in Milan, Italy
  • Works an elegant drink on its own, but is ideal mixed simply with tonic or as a versatile base for cocktails

MeMento Aromatic Non-Alcoholic Distilled Blend

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