Tiger 0.8L S/Steel Sport Bottle  - MCZ-A080(A)

- Double Wall Vacuumised Structure Ensures that Beverages are Kept Hot or Cold for Long Hours

- Consistent Keep Warm Capability (1 Hour > 85oC, 6 Hours > 67oC)

- Consistent Keep Cold Capability (6 Hours < 9oC), Keeping Drinks Icy Cold

- Smart Slant Handle: Specially Designed for Users to Hold Better & Easier Naturally

- Plastic Parts: 100% BPA Free

- "Super Clean - Plus" Finisheed Process for Interior: Extra Hygienic, Tough Resistance Against Stains & Odours

- Wide Mouth (5.3cm) Design with ICE Stopper Filter: Cleaning Convenience

- Slip Resistant Exterior: Non-Slip Surface Powder Coating Prevent Bottle from Slipping Even with Wet Hands

- Elastomer Bottom: Bottom "Rubber" Coating Soften Impact & Prevents Damages Cause to Flooring

- Lightweight (320 Grams): Lightweight Model

Tiger 0.8L S/Steel Sport Bottle - MCZ-A080(A)

SKU: HS359
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