Kai Nail Clipper (M) (1Pcs)  - KE-0040

- Using High QuaLTiy Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel

- Clean Cut : Precision-Engineered Blades Cut Smoothly & Accurately

- Blade has no Jagged Edges, Stays Sharp for Extremely Long Time

- ULTra Light Weight (Weights Approximately 30% Lighter than Usual Nail Clipper)

- Made of Anti Bacterial ABS Plastic Material

- Comes with BuiLT-in Cavity Catchment System to Automatically Hold the Clippings

- Integrated High Quality Nail File : Refine Finishing, Effective, Gentle & Does not Damage Nails

- Produced by Kai, Japan #1 Kitchen Knife & Nail Clipper Brand


Kai Nail Clipper (M) (1Pcs) - KE-0040

SKU: HS589
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