Jinqiang Bu Shen Wan

JinQiang Bu Shen Wan – A supplement for Males

  • Also known as: Bu Shen Wan, Kidney Strengthening supplement, Back Strengthening supplement, Male strengthening supplement.
  • This is a Natural Traditional Chinese Medicine Formula by Thye Shan Medical Hall since 1960.
  • Functions: Nourishes the kidney and liver, Invigorates the spleen and helps to boost Qi, Warms the blood to enhance flow of Qi, Nourishes Yang.
  • Suitable for: Males who feel tired and lack of energy.
  • Indications: Asthenia of both spleen and kidney, lumbago due to asthenia of viscera, insufficiency of vital energy and blood, weakness of the limbs.
  • Dosage: 8 Pills twice daily in the morning and night.
  • Approval obtained from Health Sciences Authority (HSA) of Singapore
  • Made in Singapore; Product of Singapore

Jinqiang Bu Shen Wan


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