Imperial Phoenix Premium Bird's Nest 6x75g

Imperial Phoenix Premium Bird’s Nest 6x75g 

  • What is it: Bird’s Nest comes entirely from the saliva of the Swiftlet bird. Unlike other species of birds, Swiftlets do not use twigs, feathers, or straws to create their nests. This allows the Swiftlet to differentiate their own home among the many birds. Swiftlets are migratory birds that would form new nests every season. They usually form their nests in tropical and sub-tropical regions. Birds Nest is considered a delicacy and a popular tonic in TCM with its ability to enhance complexion and improve immunity.


  • Benefits:
    • Food for the Skin: Improves complexion, rich in calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium. Considered an anti-aging booster.
    • Food for mothers for prenatal and postnatal nourishment
    • Food for growing children: to improve overall immunity, preventing cough and flu.
    • Food for elderly and those recovering from illnesses: Bird’s nest is filled with proteins and nutrients. It helps to speed up recovery.
    • Food for lungs: It helps to relief respiratory ailments such as coughs or asthma.
    • Easy absorption health supplement
  • Sustainable sources: Our Bird’s Nests are harvested only from sustainable sources.
  • Harvested from Indonesia
  • Made in Singapore

Imperial Phoenix Premium Bird's Nest 6x75g


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