Asd 8L 3-Ply ULTra Fast Pressure Cooker  - HP8002PC

- 3 Adjustable Pressure Modes: High Pressure / Low Pressure / No Pressure or Quick Release, allows a wider variety of food to be cooked appropriately using the ASD Pressure Cooker. This also enhances the retention of ingredients’ nutritional benefits

- One-Click 360O Lock & Unlock: No more hassle of precise aligning the Lid with the pot, One hand simple operation

- Pressure Indicator: Activated when pressure is building, helps user to know when to lower the heat

- Commercial Silicone Gasket: Heavy Duty, Lasting & Safe

- Soft Touch Cast Steel Handle: Heat Resistant, Sturdy buiLT to last

- Pressure Release Safety Vent: Additional Safety Feature to regulate pressure

- 3-Ply Base: Suitable for All Stoves: Induction, Gas, Electric, Halogen, Ceramic , All Stoves OK!

Full Body 3-Ply 18/10 Stainless Steel: Full 3-ply from the base of the pot to the rim. Optimal Heat Distribution across the entire pot

Asd 8L 3-Ply ULTra Fast Pressure Cooker - HP8002PC

SKU: HS540
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