Kyocera 500ml Cerabrid Mug - Coral Pink  - CSB-S500-BCPK
  • Kyocera Cerabrid Mugs Advanced Ceramic Black Coating inside: No chemical reaction, Ideal for Tea! Great for Coffee! All Other Beverages are OK!
  • Popular product in Japan!
  • 55% Lighter than similar Ceramic-Stainless Steel Mugs
  • No metallic taste, non-reactive to beverages, does not aLTer original flavour
  • Unlike most brands, Kyocera can store All kinds of beverages ( Coffee, Tea, Juice, Sports Drinks, Soup, Milk, Lemonade - All Acidic drinks, Sake - All Alkaline drink )
  • Easy Clean: Good water repellency, DifficuLT to get dirty, Easy with water rinse to remove dirt.

Kyocera 500ml Cerabrid Mug - Coral Pink - CSB-S500-BCPK

SKU: HS178
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