Chalong Bay Rum 70cl

The Chalong Bay distillery was founded by a young French couple in Phuket on a mission to return rum to the original home of sugar cane. 


Chalong Bay is exclusively from freshly squeezed sugar cane juice, uses an old, French Armagnac Pot Still, which gives it a far-reaching depth of aroma and oiliness. The nose is characterized by intense fruitiness, in which Lychee plays the main role and is accompanied by a fine truffle note. On the tongue pleasantly sweet and oily with mild spice.


Alcohol content: 40 % vol.


Profile: lingering and powerful. Exotic (coconut, vanilla, lychee) and fruity (various citrus fruits) notes. Aromas of fresh sugar cane and agave juice. Lavender honey, spices and heady florals.

Chalong Bay Rum 70cl

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