Kyocera Cutting Large (Yellow)  - CC-100 YL
  • Dimension: 372 mm × 250 mm × 2 mm
  • Material: styrene elastomer

- Anti-Bacterial : Prevent Bacterial Growth on Cutting Board, Certified by SIAA (International Organization For Standardization)

- Flexible / Foldable : Can Move Cut Foods Quickly Into Cooking Pots or Woks

- Light, Thin But Durable : Can Be Used Independently, or Place on Top of Existing Thick Cutting BoardS

- Diamond-cut Embossing Surface : Prevent Food From Slipping During Cutting

- Scale Printed On Cutting Board : Assist Cutting In Equavilent Parts

- Comes with Cutting Board Stand : Convenient for Storage & Prevents Contamination

- High Heat Resistant at 100oC : Can Be Cleaned or Disinfected with Just Pouring of Hot Boiling Water

- Choice of 6 Lively Colors to Brighten Up Your Kitchen : Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink

Kyocera Cutting Large (Yellow) - CC-100 YL

SKU: HS086
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