BRUGAL 1888 70cl

High-quality Dominican rum from the Brugal range, which is double distilled then matured in American oak barrels. After a lengthy maturation is the aforementioned barrels, the rum then enjoys a second maturation in Spanish oak sherry casks, helping to accentuate the rich fruity sweetness of the spirit Nose: Toasty and sweet with charred oak, sultanas, dates and honey, with a touch of gentle smoke. Palate: Buttery and sweet with butterscotch, Demerara sugar, manuka honey and wafts of wood smoke. Finish: Toffee apple and salty butter.

Colour : Dark amber, clean and brilliant

Nose : An exquisite scented bouquet, evolving over time throughundisturbed aging and blending of flavours of variedprovenance. Fascinating complexity, with spicy notes, hints ofchocolate, roasted coffee beans and reminiscent of cinnamonand dried fruits

Palate : Pleasant and smooth, delightfully alive, fullbodied, with a notablefinish of toffee caramel,wood and liquorice. Throughout itsjourney,1888 leaves a sweet, lingering and sublime after tastewhich denotes perfection

BRUGAL 1888 70cl

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