Anchor Cheddar Cheese Slices
3 x 200g (12 per pack)

How to use

Serve on a sandwich or eat it on its own


About Product

Contains 227mg of calcium per slice



The Anchor Singles Cheddar is a young cheese that has been matured for 3-6 months with mild cheddar flavour and a smooth buttery texture. Conveniently packaged in individually wrapped slices, this cheese is wonderful for quick and easy meal preparations or even eating it alone as a snack! Every slice of Anchor Cheese is high in calcium with an excellent creamy taste. Anchor is the No.1 Dairy Brand in New Zealand, well trusted by Chefs all around the world. Anchor Brand originates from New Zealand, a source of pure goodness. Our products are made with the goodness of dairy, whether it’s milk, yoghurt or cheese. Nature’s way of helping you start strong and go strong daily.We believe that goodness feeds greatness.

Anchor Cheddar Cheese Slices 3 x 200g (12 per pack)


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